Our Mission

Make People Smile~Be The Experience~Be An Original~Always Have Fun!

Yeah, we take great pride in providing the most delicious drinks money can buy, But our real mission at Java Espress is focused on people. We aim to create a wholesome atmosphere of positive energy that uplifts the spirit and enriches the day. We strive to share this positive atmosphere through quality products, outstanding service, and genuine friendships with our customers and our community.

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  • Shaken Iced Teas!

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  • Rootbeer & Coke Floats

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    Made with real Japanese Matcha Green Tea!

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  • AF-FO-GA-TO!

    ice cream + espresso shot + =





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Java Espress

Make People Smile-Be The Experience-Be An Original-Always Have Fun!

Anticipating the demand and opportunity in the specialty coffee industry, we opened our first drive-thru location in 1993 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In 2004 Kool Beanz inc. added the Juice Jungle smoothie concept, to add the dual brand franchise system.

Our business exploded and we have since added new locations and expanded to other markets. Being people oriented and quality conscious, we have implemented a proven system that keeps our customers coming back.

Specialty coffee was fast becoming one of the hottest commodities in the food service market. Being an entrepreneur and entering into the business world since he was out of college in 1983, the founder was awakened with this growing trend and focused on creating his dream. Java Espress®, has become one of the most successful drive-thru coffee establishments in Idaho. In 2004 Juice Jungle® was added to the mix serving up gourmet fresh fruit smoothies. This concept was developed modeling after the industries need for a frozen health beverage to create “The Perfect Blend”. The perfect blend of two brands in a unique building design, serving the best hot and cold beverages to satisfy the customer and maximize sales. Today we have established a unique style and design, second to none in the drive-thru gourmet beverage quick service business. Java Espress and Juice Jungle have come of age with a very efficient building design, currently offering a great opportunity for future growth and branded products and recipes second to none.