• Hot Tea

    Many Flavors to Choose

    Your choice of breakfast, cinnamon, earl grey, green, paris, passion plum and peppermint. All are delicious, all natural, organic teas.
  • Matcha

    Delicious Matcha - Milk - Ice

    The Matcha is a stand alone orignal drink. Nothing like it! It is green tea powder from Japan. A mood-enhancing, antioxidant powerhouse.
  • Chai Tea

    Black Tea - Spices & Herbs

  • Chai Java

    Chai - Espresso shot

  • Chai Freeze

    Our version of a chai milkshake

    The Chai Freeze is a must try! It is delightful blended drink. You will fall in love with this blended drink!
  • Iced Tea

    Add any Flavor

    Iced tea hits the spot on those hot summer days. You can also add a flavor to your tea if you are feeling adventurous! Yummy!
  • Arnold Palmer

    Lemonade - Ice Tea

    The Arnold Palmer is a perfect summer drink made of lemonade and Iced tea. Named after the famous golfer, its a great drink to take to the golf course!