• Heavyweight

    Choco Milk - Blueberries - Bananas - Stawberries - Vanilla Protein - PB

    The Heavyweight is power packed protein shake. Loaded with protein and fresh fruit to make your workout a good one!
  • Chai Chiller

    Delicious Chai - Yogurt

    The Chai Chiller is a must try! This smoothie is for all the Chai lovers out there if you love Chai this is a blended smoothie for you!
  • Tsunami Splash

    Orange Juice - Pineapples - Raspberries - Bananas

    The Tsunami Splash is a splash of delicious fresh fruit and and a tasty flavors. For the adventurous type!
  • Razzleberry

    Raspberry Juice - Raspberries - Strawberries

    The Razzleberry is packed full of fresh fruit raspberries and strawberries to make this smoothie one heck of delight. One to put on your list to try.
  • Raspberry Rush

    Raspberry Juice - Raspberries - Bananas

    The Raspberry Rush is loaded full of fresh fruit. This smoothie will give you a rush of greatness! Truly one of kind smoothies to try on a hot day!
  • Palm Peach

    Peach Juice - Peaches - Yogurt

    The Palm Peach is a delish drink if you love peaches this is the smoothie for you! A yummy smoothie to satisfy your carvings for peaches!
  • Orangutango

    Oranges - Strawberries - Raspberries - Peaches

    The Orangutango is one of those smoothies that stands out! A good smoothie choice for a fruit overload!
  • Orange Twist

    Orange Juice - Sherbet - Coconut Lopez

    The Orange Twist is one of those smoothies that stands out! If you love orange creamsicles this is the our twist on that! Yummy!
  • Moka Moka

    Yogurt - Chocolate - Malted Milk

    The Moka Moka is perfect for anyone that loves chocolate!. Made with real fruit, a delightful smoothie!
  • Mango Tango

    Mango Juice - Oranges -Strawberries - Peaches

    The Mango Tango is one of our favs! Packed with fresh fruit and mango juice which makes you feel like you need to go out and do the tango!
  • Limonada Limbo

    Orange - Pineapples - Lemonade - Strawberries - Mangos

    The Limonada Limbo is a smoothie that has every fresh fruit you could ever want add lemonade it will make you feel like doing the Limbo!
  • Limonada Coloda

    Lemonade - Pineapples - Strawberries - Bananas - Coconut Lopez

    The Limonada Coloda is a lemonade based smoothie full of fresh fruit and will make you feel like you need to relax in a hammock!
  • The Mojo

    Espresso - Chocolate - Yogurt

    The Mojo is a favorite to anyone that loves espresso and chocolate blended to perfection all in one smoothie! This is your drink to try! Delish!
  • Colombian Cruzer

    Espresso - Yogurt

    The Colombian Cruzer is for all of you out there that love an espresso buzz and want it all in a blended drink. This is your smoothie for you! Yummy!
  • Berry Baloo

    Soy Milk - Bananas - Blueberries - Strawberries

    The Berry Baloo is perfect for anyone that goes crazy over blueberries. Made with real fruit and soy milk. A unforgettable berry smoothie!
  • Pineapple Passion

    Pineapples - Peaches - Strawberries - Coconut Lopez

    The Pinapple Passion is perfect for anyone that wants a non-dairy fruit smoothie! If you have a passion for pineapples this is your smoothie!
  • Chocolate Monkey

    Nonfat Yogurt - Bananas - Chocolate

    The Chocolate Monkey is a great pick for the chocolate lovers out there. Made with real fruit bananas. A great smoothie choice for the kiddos or any age! Yum!
  • Peach on the Beach

    Peach Juice - Peaches - Raspberries

    The Peach on the Beach is full of flavor. Its perfect for those people that love hanging out on the beach sipping on there smoothie and catching some rays!
  • Berry Baloo

    Soy Milk - Bananas - Blueberries - Strawberries

    The Berry Good is perfect for anyone that wants a non-dairy fruit smoothie! Made with real fruit. A unforgettable berry smoothie! A must!
  • Banana Chikita

    Soy Milk - Bananas - Strawberries - Coconut Lopez

    The Banana Chikita is perfect for anyone that wants a non-dairy fruit smoothie! Loaded with bananas and strawberries! Try it!