Latte Favs

  • Javaccino

    Espresso - Vanilla Base

    Javaccino Our Signature Drink! Is an espresso & vanilla based blended drink. Smooth in flavor and a good one to pick for a coffee blended beverage!
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

    House Made Pumpkin Spice

    The Pumpkin Spice Latte delivers amazing Fall flavors. Made from our own Java Espress recipe, The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a delicious seasonal treat
  • Cali Dreamin' Latte

    Tiramisu - Almond

    The California Dreamin' latte reminds you of a delightful summer day on your favorite beach. Find your Summer day all year with this delicious latte.
  • French Kiss Latte

    Tiramisu - Vanilla

    The French Kiss latte is truly a delight and makes you want to give your drink a kiss. Full of flavors! A must for anyone that love there lattes!
  • Haystack Latte

    Caramel - Coconut

    The Haystack latte is delightful stack of flavors everyone will love! Make this favorite yours by trying it Hot, Iced or Blended.
  • White Cloud Latte

    Raspberry - White Chocolate

    The White Cloud latte makes you feel like you are floating a cloud with all of the delicious flavors it will take you away. A must try drink!
  • Morning Kiss Latte

    Toasted Marshmallow - Coconut

    The Morning Kiss latte smooches your lips with pure delight each and every morning. Make sure you come in and try yours today.
  • Copper Camel Latte

    Caramel - Butterscotch - Irish Cream

    The Copper Camel latte is full of enticing flavors and one not to pass up! A true original drink that will have you begging for another.
  • Latte

    Add any flavor

    The Latte is a perfect choice for anyone. Consists of espresso shots and milk add some cinnamon on top for fun. Owner's favorite drink!
  • Cappuccino

    Add any flavor

    The Cappuccino consists of espresso shots and is smothered with a thick layer of fluffy foam. A baristas' true craft comes out with this drink! A must try.