Anticipating the demand and opportunity in the specialty coffee industry, we opened our first drive-thru location in 1993 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Our business exploded and since have added new locations, expanding to other markets and adding a variety of wholesome health smoothies and mind blowing energy drinks and flavored soda beverages to our menu. Being people oriented, quality conscious and having a blast doing it, we have implemented a proven system that keeps our customers coming back.

Specialty coffee is a staple beverage and one of the  hottest commodities in the food service market today. Over time, Java Espress has truly created the “Perfect Blend”, the perfect blend of coffee, Real Fresh fruit smoothies, Protein shakes, High power energy dinks and a Plethora of Flavored Soda Beverages.   We truly pride ourselves on being the Mixologist specialists in the coffee and beverage industry today. 

Yeah, we take great pride in providing the most delicious beverages money can buy, but our real mission at Java is focusing on people, culture and variety.  We aim to create a wholesome atmosphere of positive energy that uplifts the spirit and enriches your day one drink at time with your perfect beverage.  We strive to share this positive atmosphere, cool vibe through genuine friendships, quality products and outstanding service with our customers and our community.