• Snowball Mocha

    Chocolate - Hazelnut - Coconut

    The Snowball Mocha is a Java Fav! This beverage is so rich in flavor you will instantly be addicted! It might make you feel like having a snowball fight for fun!
  • Creme Brulee Mocha

    Caramel Sauce - Vanilla - Raw Sugar

    The Creme Brulee Mocha is just what it says if you fan of the dessert this is your go to Holiday drink! Full of flavor it will blow you away!
  • Butter Toffee

    Butterscotch - Vanilla

    The Butter Toffee Javaccino is just what it says if you love the butter toffee candy you will love this enticing mix of flavors. For all the toffee candy lovers!
  • Butterscotch Puddin'

    Caramel - Butterscotch - Vanilla

    The Butterscotch Puddin' Javaccino lives up to its name! If you are a big fan of butterscotch pudding this is your beverage to try! Yum!
  • Cherry Cordial

    Cherry - Swiss Choco Almond

    The Cherry Cordial Javaccino is just what it says if you love the chocolate candy you will love this amazing mix of flavors. For all the chocolate lovers!
  • Clover Club

    Irish Cream - Cinnamon

    The Clover Club Javaccino is a hit with anyone that loves Irish Cream! Try it hot or iced or blended! Won't disappoint! Yummy! Also the name is kinda cool!
  • Caramel Cream

    Caramel - Vanilla

    The Caramel Cream Javaccino is full of enticing, amazing flavors and one not to pass up! A true original beverage that will have you begging for another.
  • Hot Butter Rum

    Butterscotch - Rum

    The Hot Butter Rum Javaccino is just what it says if you love a mix of enticing yummy flavors this is your beverage. For all the Hot Butter Rum lovers!
  • Irish Mint

    Caramel - Creme De menthe

    The Irish Mint Javaccino is a delicious minty beverage! This special drink is out of this world and might give you a little bit luck of the Irish!
  • Irish Rose

    Irish Cream - Raspberry

    The Irish Rose Javaccino is a wonderful beverage! The mixture of flavors will blow your mind! This beverage might give you a little bit of luck from the Irish!
  • Kahlua Kamikazi

    Kahlua - Butterscotch

    The Kahlua Kamikazi Javaccino is a crazy fun latte for anyone that loves a wild ride of flavors in there Javaccino. Amazing delight! A favorite with Kahlua lovers!
  • Coconut Cream

    Coconut - Vanilla

    The Coconut Cream Javaccino is a delicious array of flavors. You can have it hot, iced or blended! Anyway you have it is Java favorite! Yummy!
  • Marshmallow Dream

    Toasted Marshmallow - White

    The Marshmallow Dream Javaccino lives up to its name with awesome flavors you could only dream about!. It is truly is a dream of a drink! A must try!
  • Nutty Heaven

    Macadamia Nut - White Chocolate

    The Nutty Heaven Javaccino is delightful stack of nutty flavors everyone would love! Try it hot iced or blended! A heavenly beverage everyone should try!
  • Nutty Irishman

    Irish Cream - Hazelnut

    The Nutty Irishman Javaccino is just what it says if you love nutty flavors this is your drink! The beverage will make you feel a little nutty with all the yummy flavors!
  • Orange Stick

    Orange- Chocolate

    The Orange Stick Javaccino is full of yummy flavors!Try it Hot, Iced or Blended! A must for anyone that has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate!
  • Peach Bunny

    Creme De Cacao - Peach

    The Peach Bunny Javaccino is just what it says if you love peach and some creme flavors this is your beverage! The name is fun & getting this beverage is a Java must!!!
  • Peach Schnapps

    Peach - Amaretto

    The Peach Schnapps is full of flavor. Its perfect for those people that love the mix of amaretto and peach flavors together! It's a delicious beverage to try!
  • Peppermint Patti

    Peppermint - Creme De Cacao

    The Peppermint Patti Javaccino is just what it says if you are a fan chocolate mint you will love this delish drink. For all the chocolate mint lovers! A must try!
  • Cookies and Cream

    Chocolate Mint - Amaretto

    The Cookies & Cream Javaccino is just what it says if you a big fan of cookies and cream this is the drink for you! A must try for anyone with a sweet tooth!