1. March 01, 2021
    Do you love tea? Have you tried our green tea or black tea?! Or an Arnold Palmer?! Java is just the right place to try them all!
  2. February 23, 2021
    Did you know Java has 44oz cups?! That means you get to enjoy even more of your favorite beverage! Join us Monday-Friday for happy hour and get 25% any drink besides smoothies and redbulls!
  3. February 23, 2021
    At Java we started with coffee in 1993 and since have added smoothies, Italian sodas, teas, energy drinks, sodas, cookies, kids drinks and much more! But we want to know, is there something you want us to add?? We want to keep doing more for our Java Nati
  4. February 18, 2021
    Not really a coffee drinker? No problem! Have you tried our delicious creamies? Milk, ice and Java’s signature mix blended with any flavor you can think of to create a tasty treat! Here we have our caramel sauce creamie! Yum! These are also perfect for th
  5. February 12, 2021
    Starting TOMORROW WE WILL BE DOING OUR 5 FOR $5.00 COOKIE BOXES AND BUY 1 DRINK GET 1 DRINK HALF OFF ALL DAY! This deal does not include smoothies and redbulls! Limited supply on the cookies so get them before they are gone!! Also if you haven’t already e
  6. February 08, 2021
    The kids size just wouldn’t cut it today! Are you looking forward to Valentine’s Day?
  7. February 03, 2021
    ITS GIVEAWAY TIME!! Java Espress is doing a Valentines Giveaway! This giveaway includes a $200 gift card to Grand Targhee Ski Resort, a 3 bedroom townhome Airbnb in Driggs Idaho, chocolates, a box of Java’s sugar cookies of course with V-day sprinkles an
  8. February 01, 2021
    Java is open! Get the Happy Hour Deal!! From 5pm-7pm get a discount of 25% off any drink! This deal is available every day! We always try to stay on top and get you that discount between 5pm to 7pm but we are always training new employees at all of our lo
  9. January 28, 2021
    Looking for a drink that’s out of this world?! Well look no further than our delicious Milky Way Mocha! This chocolatey and caramelly drink can be made hot, iced or blended! If you love chocolate drinks this one is sure to be your new favorite!
  10. January 27, 2021
    Did you know all of our Java locations have these awesome bags of coffee beans?! Never prepackaged, freshly prepared the moment you order! It’s also the perfect gift to send someone out of town who hasn’t experienced Java yet! We have many flavors to choo
  11. January 27, 2021
    As a barista at Java it’s always an exciting day when we get to make yummy treats for the younger Java nation to enjoy! Seeing them have that first sip is always exciting because they definitely let us know if they like it! What’s your kids favorite drink
  12. January 22, 2021
    We’ve brought you “Cold Foam” but have you heard of our ”Sweet Foam”?! This delicious foam is a lightweight foam that you can add any flavors you want to! Plus putting flavors into the foam creates pretty colors to top off your drink!!You can even add the
  13. January 20, 2021
    What’s your favorite drink at Java? Let us know in the comments below!
  14. January 18, 2021
    Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “The time is always right to do what is right.” What are some of your favorite Martin Luther King quotes?
  15. January 18, 2021
    “Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night because I know that when I wake up, I get coffee from Java.” We look forward to seeing our Java Nation everyday!
  16. January 15, 2021
    Cheers to 2021! The year has just begun and we hope it’s everything you could ask for! Here at Java we are still taking the precautions to keep you safe and our employees safe! We know it’s scary times still and we hope to ease your mind when you come and
  17. January 15, 2021
    Are you READY for NFL SUNDAY?! Are your teams playing today? Get prepared with something to keep you going through the whole game! Or get a sweet treat for when your team wins! Having an NFL watch party? Download our app and make ordering easier right fro
  18. January 06, 2021
    January is all about our health! We want you to be able to have healthy choices that fuel your body! Here at Java we have something for everyone! With any milk substitute, sugar free options, teas, americanos, drip coffee and our amazing healthy smoothies
  19. January 04, 2021
    Are you ready for the New Year and summer to be back?! Get ready with these awesome Hydro flasks we have here at Java! Whether it’s to pack on a hike, a long drive or to go to the gym this flask keeps your drinks cold or hot all day.
  20. December 30, 2020
    Did you know we have deals for the kids?! Buy any regular sized drink and get a kids drink half off any Saturday!! We hope to see you this weekend!!